The blog is edited by our very own Andrea “Pyccy” and is a place where you can not only find useful and interesting information about vintage and modern watches, but where you can also interact with us by writing comments, posting your questions and concerns and bring other things to our attention, and, why not, make suggestions, provide us with other technical and historical information with which to augment our research.

At the moment, you will see that there are 3 sections, relating to the various subjects covered in the blog:

• “The watch of the day”: in this section we will examine watches that have interesting and rare characteristics and/or configurations that we believe should be discussed with additional care and attention.

• “The technical corner”: here, through high-definition photographs, we will look at some of the technical issues concerning gauges and dials and the differences between the various references of the same model that have changed over the years.

• “Buy a watch with me”: last, and by no means least, using this section we hope to make you feel part of our team. We will not only explain what to check when buying a timepiece of a certain era, but also try to explain the mechanisms that drive our purchases.

In addition, we will use the blog to tell you about some of our adventures and anecdotes, often funny, behind some of the watches that are available in our store.
We hope the blog will bring a smile to your face and feed your passion for our beloved timepieces.

Carlo Cantelli

  • Rolex Daytona 16523 Porcelain Dial

    As a first post of this special section of our blog I would like to tell you a very special story, a story which begins in a lazy winter day. That day, from a dear friend of us, we received a picture and a  message saying “A person I know from FLORENCE says that he owns a Rolex Daytona 16523 Porcelain dial, I’m not an expert of this watch so if you wish I can give you his contacts because he would like to sell it”. We look at the picture attached to the message and, even if the picture…

  • Omega Speedmaster Moonphase 3450809

    The watch which we are analysing today for our section “The watch of the Day” is a rare and uncommon Omega Speedmaster Moonphases ref.3450809. This watch has been produced for only 3 years from 1985 to 1988 in less than 1300 examples. It was the very first Speedmaster with moonphase complication. During the next years there will be others Speedmaster with this fantastic complication but reference 3450809 was the the very first one. Because of this it is one of the most sought after Speedmaster by the collectors worldwide. As we can see from the pictures the heart beating inside…

  • Rolex Gmt-Master Mk2

    As a first post of this Blog I’d like to share with you guys this amazing Rolex Gmt-Master ref.1675 Mk2 ser. 3,38X,XXX. I bought this watch a few years ago and it stayed in my collection for a long time because of its astonishing conditions. Since two weeks now this watch has a new owner who will enjoy wearing it as I did in the past. Usually the Mk2 dial is the second one to appear in production (during the beginning of the 70’s) after the so called Mk1-Long E dial. Some elements that help to identify as genuine a…

  • Rolex Daydate ref.1802 by Astrua

    Today I would like to show you guys a very rare watch with many unusual features. The watch which I’m talking about its a Rolex Daydate ref.1802 ser. 784,xxx B/P sold by the italian AD Astrua in 1963. At first it may seem like a pretty common watch, however before judging to fast we should take a further look at this Daydate. First of all, as watch conoisseurs may have already noticed, the watch depicted here it’s not the more common 1803 reference, but the rarer 1802. The main feature which differs 1803 and 1802 is the bezel which is…